Special announcement for Christian Schools, Universities, and Bible Colleges

seminary studentWhen I originally wrote my book, the target audience was Christian schools, Universities, Bible Colleges and Seminaries. We have been pleasantly surprised to see that it has appealed to all sectors of the Church.

All Christians, it seems, have a keen interest in the theory, practice and theology of evangelism!

Be that as it is, from the feedback we have received, my book has certain features which appeal strongly to Christian Educators:

  • Scrupulous attention has been given to making sure the thoughts and truths expressed are grounded in scripture. All quotes are fully referenced.
  • seminaryAt the back of the book, there are indices for Bible verses and authors, as well as a full academic bibliography.
  • This book is a scholarly work written by an evangelism practitioner *. Blending the scholarly with the practical has resulted in a text book with a depth and freshness which appeals to students in seminaries and Bible colleges. Yet, is it written with sufficient clarity and simplicity to appeal to senior high school students.
  • Because the thoughts and revelations expressed on its pages have been filtered through the eyes of a practitioner, the book is intensely practical. It addresses the real evangelism related issues facing churches and Christians today and proposes real answers. It’s not just another book on the theory and history of evangelism!
  • It particularly speaks and appeals to Christians leaders. My greatest desire if for the Holy Spirit to use this book to motivate present and future leaders to be passionate practitioners of a ‘bathed in love’ style of evangelism.

studentsFor these reasons, I believe this book is unique

I also believe we in the Church are at a critical junction point in our history. More than ever we need leaders who are pioneers and ‘doers of the word’ (James 1:22) in the field of evangelism.

We desperately need to equip those in Christian learning institutions at every level to be more than mere peddlers of the theory of evangelism. When combined with the ‘Chapter Study Guide’, I believe this book will help produce men and woman who are practically equipped to do evangelism, yet Biblically grounded in the theory.

Yes, men and women who are willing, able, and passionate about glorifying Jesus by obeying His command to ‘go into all the world and proclaim the gospel’ (Mark 16:15), and who can teach others to go and do likewise.

Evangelism: Strategies from Heaven in the War for SoulsSound like a great plan?

I encourage you -  read this book  so that you can  judge for yourself its suitability, depth, quality and practicality for the students in your Christian education centre of learning.  Don’t forget,  it also comes with a comprehensive study guide which will enable your students to get the most from its pages.  With the study guide, they’ll be able to study at their own pace.  When your students read this book, I believe they’ll thank you for introducing it to them!


* By God’s grace, I have been able to reach over 20,000 people (mostly complete strangers) one-one-one with the gospel.

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