“The Laminate.” A Tool For Presenting The Gospel

Called ‘The Laminate’ (because the pages are laminated), this tool will enable you to give the full gospel to friends, family and strangers. On the pages are the words of the gospel.  You read the words, and non-Christians watches and listens.  It’s very interactive, because you the presenter ask questions frequently all the way through.  It’s small enough to fit into your briefcase or handbag.

Starter Pack – Special Offer: save $25

The ‘starter pack’ contains:

  • The book, ‘Evangelism: Strategies from heaven in the War for Souls’- $49
  • The Evangelism Discipleship 6 x DVD set – $99
  • The DVD study guide – $28
  • Leader’s Guide – $35
  • Essential Truths booklet – $10
  • one packed of www.biblein11.com cards  - $25
  • 5 follow up booklets – $5
  • Free Bonus Gospel DVD worth $25.00

Price – $276. Your today $251!

To download a one page PDF file with a thumbnail description of each resource in this pack, click here

How To Be Sure Of Going To Heaven When We Die

Evangelistic booklet which explains how Christianity works.

It’s not easy to explain how Christianity works, and how it all fits together.

In fact, as any seasoned Christian will tell you, the more one knows about Christianity, the harder it is to write a simple booklet explaining it.

But many non-Christians want to know. Telling them “Jesus love you” is not enough.  They reply “My mother and my cat love me. What makes Jesus different?” You get the point. Their question is a valid one.

This booklet explains conceptually what it’s all about and is jargon free.   It’s not intellectually insulting and yet it follows a logical progression and is easy to follow. It has no ‘cringe factor’.

Furthermore, it’s been ‘road tested’ with the un-churched, and proven to be well received. Its message is gracious and loving, yet uncompromising.

Measuring 148mm x 105mm and only 36 pages, this booklet is pocket sized, thin, and easy to carry around. You’ll be ready for ‘that’ moment when your prompted by the Holy Spirit to give one away!

Or just leave them in public places, or letter boxes. Clearly explains why we must be saved, how Jesus can save us, what we must do to be saved, and Jesus’ plan for us in this life.

Many churches are now using it to educate existing believers about the basics.

In addition, it also provides a top web site address where readers can find balanced, Biblical, and well written answers to all the hard questions they might have. What’s the investment? $25 for a pack of 20

To view a PDF file of this tract, click here

To view a Traditional Chinese Version click here

To view a Simplified Chinese Version click here

Evangelism: Strategies from Heaven in the War for Souls

This 702-page book will bless, inspire, reveal, unlock, empower, and create in you a desire to do evangelism. By the grace of God, I have been able to reach over 20,000 people one-on-one through personal evangelism, so I am not a just a theorist. Nor am I  just a practitioner.

DVD Study Guides

This study guide will make your viewing of the 19 sessions on evangelism lively, interesting, and…well, just awesome! These guides are perfect for individuals as well as small groups! The prices drops significantly if you order larger quantities. Sessions 1-12 are foundational, and can be completed by a church in 6 weeks. Studies 13-19 are optional extras.  How can they be used in six weeks? Studies 1,3,5,7,9,11 are taught ‘live’ from the front of the church by the pastor (we can provide the Power Point shows for each session so all the work is done) on Sunday mornings, or via a DVD player and data projector. Sessions 2,4,6,8,10,12 are taught via the DVD’s  in home groups.  In this way there is continuity between Sundays and home groups. For six weeks, church members take their DVD study guide to church and home group.  What will you need? A study guide for each single person, and one per couple and a set of DVDs for each home group.

Evangelism Discipleship DVD Series

A set of six DVD’s for small group study.

This is a hard copy set, which we courier to you. There are six DVD’s in the case, covering 19 sessions. This is the A-Z of evangelism theory and practise! If this series doesn’t fire you up, challenge, release, and encourage you, nothing will! Each session is sequential, so make sure you watch them in order! Go for it! Don’t forget to get the “DVD Study Guides” which go with this Discipleship DVD’s series.

Chapter Study Guides

Get the most out of reading each chapter of Julian Batchelor’s book! This 156-page study guide comes complete with answers. With these guides, Julian will lead you step by step through each chapter of his book to maximise your learning experience! Perfect for Bible College or Seminary Students to study at their own pace, or anyone wanting to get a real handle on the Biblical theology and practise of evangelism!

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