How To Be Sure Of Going To Heaven When We Die

Evangelistic booklet which explains how Christianity works.

It’s not easy to explain how Christianity works, and how it all fits together.

In fact, as any seasoned Christian will tell you, the more one knows about Christianity, the harder it is to write a simple booklet explaining it.

But many non-Christians want to know. Telling them “Jesus love you” is not enough.  They reply “My mother and my cat love me. What makes Jesus different?” You get the point. Their question is a valid one.

This booklet explains conceptually what it’s all about and is jargon free.   It’s not intellectually insulting and yet it follows a logical progression and is easy to follow. It has no ‘cringe factor’.

Furthermore, it’s been ‘road tested’ with the un-churched, and proven to be well received. Its message is gracious and loving, yet uncompromising.

Measuring 148mm x 105mm and only 36 pages, this booklet is pocket sized, thin, and easy to carry around. You’ll be ready for ‘that’ moment when your prompted by the Holy Spirit to give one away!

Or just leave them in public places, or letter boxes. Clearly explains why we must be saved, how Jesus can save us, what we must do to be saved, and Jesus’ plan for us in this life.

Many churches are now using it to educate existing believers about the basics.

In addition, it also provides a top web site address where readers can find balanced, Biblical, and well written answers to all the hard questions they might have. What’s the investment? $25 for a pack of 20

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