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Encounter with Hell’s Angels Motorcycle gang in Robert Harris Coffee Shop!

20 February 2011 3 Comments

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was a great day in evangelism.  During the week, I had been out sharing the gospel each day, and last week had the same highs and lows as usual.   Not everyday is wonderful, and some days some people are just disinterested.  That’s OK. Jesus told us to expect this in the parable of the seed and the sower. The condition of the soil in the human heart of the people we talk to will either be rocks, hard ground, weeds, or good soil. I have found that most are good soil but the other types are out there.

On Thursday evening, I was in the local shopping area where I get groceries. I try and do evangelism as I go about my normal day, rather than having a special time to do it e.g . a Friday night.  Not that anyone who goes out on Friday night is doing something wrong. The are not of course. They are absolutely wonderful.  My prayer is that every Christian would be out on Friday night reaching the lost! Any time is a good time when it comes to evangelism.

It’s just that it works best for me as I go about my day.  Now, back to Thursday evening. I was sitting in my car, not feeling like giving the gospel to anyone, and I prayed a lazy faithless prayer that someone would come to the car next to mine and I wouldn’t have to go looking for a lost sheep or lost penny. Anyhow, no sooner had the prayer left my lips, when I lady in her late teens came to the car.  My door was half open and the window down, so I caught her attention with eye contact and I said, ‘Hi, how are you going?” She replied ‘Great, how are you?’

I then said ‘Do you want to help me with something – I am a pastor, and we have developed a video which summarises the whole Bible in 11 minutes. It’s on my iphone. Would you like to see it?” She was so eager.  She got out of her car (her driver’s side window had been opened, so that’s how we started the conversation) and came around to my door. I set her up with the iphone and, still standing,  she started watching. She was mesmerised. At the end I asked her what she thought and this is what she said ‘You know, I have always wanted to know about this and have even been to church with my Mum. Not even she could explain what it was all about. Today I got it!’

I then went on to ask her the three questions about lying, thieving and murdering, and then asked her the question ‘if you died tonight, where would you go?’  She confessed she would go to hell. We then talked about Jesus and how He died on the cross for our forgiveness etc to be sure she understood everything. In the she gave her life to the Lord there and then beside her car. She was going straight home to tell her Christian Mum what she had done. Having the gospel presentation on the web site really helps because she could show her Mum what she had seen.

On Saturday, I was back at the same shopping centre and I talked to a security guard outside a bank. He was in his early sixties and had never heard the gospel. He too gave his life to Christ. I was on such a high. As I was going back to my car, I noticed a Hell’s Angel motor cycle gang member parking his bike outside the Robert Harris coffee shop.  There were quite a few Harley Davidson bikes around so I figured they must be having a meeting in there.  Having just come off leading the security guard to Christ, I was feeling bold and courageous, so I bowled into the coffee shop. All the gang members were sitting around a big table so I said with a big smile ‘Hi guys, how are you today?

They all looked over and smiled too. The leader said ‘Great. Are you a cop?’  I laughed and said ‘No! Do I look like one’

“Have you ever been one’ was his next question. ‘No, definitely not!’  (smiling and laughing). The other gang members were laughing too by now. This was all happening on the fly.

‘Now, can I ask you a question?’ I said.

The guy I was talking to was obviously the boss. ‘What’s it like being in a gang?”  ‘Why do you want to know that?’ he said. I told him I was a pastor and had always wondered what belonging to a gang was like.

He then asked me how big my gang was at church, and I said ‘oh about 5000′ and he said this was much bigger than his gang. He then told me that he was a pastor too and that he had a church in America. I asked him some questions about this because I wasn’t sure whether he was joking or not.  In the end, it turned out that his church was his American branch of the Hell’s Angels.

By now the whole of Robert Harris must have been listening! He was loud and I was loud, because this is how the boy’s seemed to like it!

He then said, OK, you got one more question. What’s it going to be?

I asked him what the oldest book in the world was. He said ‘The Bible’.  I said ‘Do you know how old it was?’ He said ‘That’s two questions. You were only allowed one – but go on’.

All the boys laughed loud and long. He was showing off and enjoying it.

At one point they were laughing more at my comments than his and I knew this was not a good situation.  There is a fine line between being funny and getting smart.

I said  ‘It’s 4ooo years old and we have just made a video which summarised the whole book in 11 minutes. Do you want to see it?’  At this point he rose to his feet and everything went serious again.

‘Are you trying to get my boys out of my church and into yours?’

I said ‘Well, Jesus said to spread the net w – i – d – e to catch all the fish, both the little ones and the big ones’ I tried to keep smiling, keeping it light and jovial.  If I got serious, who knows what would have happened!

The boys and the boss laughed again (phew)

I went to pull out some business cards but there were none in my pocket.  The boss said ‘No, hold it right here’ and things went serious again. I said I wanted to give them my business card, and with that he relaxed again and smiled. I said I would go out to my car and get them. I returned with a stack of cards and ‘dealt’ them like cards to each of the gang members. They all stood and we shook hands…and that was it!!!

Wow! What a great Saturday. As I exited Robert Harris, I thanked the owner, who was mopping his brow and looking relieved.

What are the lessons here? (1) Never be afraid of anyone when you are doing evangelism. I believe Jesus dispatches a special legion of angels to go with you when you are doing his business. (2) I wasn’t able to give the gospel to the Hell’s Angels via my iphone (I might not have got it back) so the next best thing is the business cards.  ALWAYS carry them with you.  (3) God answers prayer. Prayer paves the way for evangelism to happen.  But if we pray for the lost and don’t go them personally,  our prayers can’t be too sincere – don’t you think? With the business cards, we can all be the answer to our own prayers for the lost. (4) Just do evangelism as you go about your day.  Make it part of your lifestyle. (5) When you don’t feel like doing evangelism – which is most days for me – go anyway. I have found that the more I over come my feelings, often the better the encounter in evangelism will be.  God responds to our sacrifice. If it costs us little, we will likely experience God in a little way. But if it costs us a lot, God often turns up in a greater measure!

Have a great week. And if you see the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle gang about, don’t forget to go out of your way to give them your card.  Tell them you are casting your net wide and ask them if they like Robert Harris coffee – they will think we are everywhere. And what’s wrong with that?

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  • Bianca McDuff says:

    Hey Julian, that is so cool!

    Awesome job :-)

    Greg, Bianca & Azaria

  • neville christensen says:

    You are doing a great job in sharing the gospel and helping others to do it I put this in a email and sent it out to lots on my email list and shared THIS
    Seen this ? the bible story in 11 minites
    On paltalk and yahoo

  • Jannine says:

    Hey Julian,

    I have a huge smile on my face after reading this blog! Keep inspiring me and everyone else to GO and share the gospel!


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