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Evangelism: Strategies from Heaven in the War for Souls

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In 1996, I undertook a serious personal study of the book of Acts. When I came to Acts 5:41-42, the Holy Spirit spoke to me powerfully:

The apostles left the Sanhedrin, rejoicing because they had been counted worthy of suffering disgrace for the Name. Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Christ.” (Acts 5:41-42)

What struck me was the fact that the Apostles, the Church leaders, those who had walked and talked with Jesus, were prolifically active in evangelism.

After a careful study of Church history, I discovered virtually the entire Early Church had been mobilised, and they reached pretty much the known world with the gospel.

Then I discovered that today only 2% of Christians in the Western Church regularly engage in evangelism.

How had we moved from everyone doing it, to only 2%? Who or what had caused this gigantic shift? How had we regressed 98% over 2000 years?

I clearly felt the Holy Spirit challenge me to find answers to these questions. For 10 years, I sought God and undertook serious study. Over this time He revealed 79 reasons why this shift had occurred.

What’s interesting is that each of these “reasons” is, in reality,  a device of the enemy.

The Apostle Paul speaks about these “devices” in 2 Corinthians 2:11.

A careful study of the word ‘”device”  in the lexicon reveals that “devices” aim to change people’s minds, perceptions, and thoughts about something – in this case “evangelism” and “the gospel.”

An example of a device? Perceiving of evangelism as “the winning of souls”.  Such thinking has made people think it is they who must win the soul when they evangelise.  Not wanting to become bullies or second hand car salesman, the pressure becomes all too much, so they give up (or don’t start) evangelising.

So what’s the bottom line?

The reason the people in your church don’t do evangelism is that the enemy has infiltrated their thoughts, perceptions and minds – without them even knowing!

If a Christian under the influence of just one device will not do evangelism, imagine how paralysed is one who is influenced by all 79?

You see, these ‘devices’ can be likened to computer viruses.  Viruses get there without you knowing. Without anti-virus software installed, computers eventually crash.

It’s the same with the Church. The statistics show the Church in the West has ‘crashed’ with respect to evangelism.

And, like a computer, the only way to re-boot the hard drive and get it functioning again is to deal with the viruses – in the Church’s case, the ‘devices’.

So if you want to discover how the enemy has infiltrated your mind without you knowing, and the minds of all the people in your church, and how you and they can remove the devices and fire up in evangelism again, please, read the book!

This book will be the key to you being unlocked and released into effectively reaching your friends, family and even strangers with an uncompromising but loving gospel message! What’s the investment? $49


or, Purchase a PDF copy

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The book marks are a great tool to help everyone in your church stay focussed on drawing the lost to Jesus.  The book marks serve as a constant reminder for the people in your church that drawing their friends, family, and strangers to Christ takes is a six step process, and ALL the steps are important.

These bookmarks sync nicely with the Six Steps Banner and the Prayer Station.

You can specify what order you want the pictures on the bookmark to appear i.e. ploughing at the top or ploughing starting at the bottom? What’s the investment? $2 each plus postage and packaging.



This is a stunning full colour banner printed on high quality long lasting 500 gsm PVC. The dimensions are 3m x 1m. There is a rod of dowel at both ends. The banner is intended to display prominently from ceiling to floor at the front of a church. You can have the six steps running from top to bottom, or from bottom to top. The two pictures here illustrate the difference.

To read more about how this banner and the ideas behind it can get your church fizzing, click here.

To make the picture larger, just click here.

What the investment? $475 plus p&p.



Chapter Study GuidesStudy guides are available for each chapter of my book.

These were originally requested by a Bible College, who were enthusiastic about the book and wanted their students to ‘squeeze every last drop of insight’ from its pages.

So I spent many hours writing these chapter studies and now they are available, not just for Bible Schools, Colleges and Seminaries, but also for individuals in a 158-page guidebook. As you read my book with these studies along side you, you will be certain to get the most out of every chapter.

Let’s face it, most of us can read a book and, because we can be distracted while reading, or momentarily lose focus, we can easily miss some of the critical points the author is making.

As you work through each chapter, I will take you step by step on a journey in the study guide, holding your hand (as it were), making sure you don’t miss anything vital. These chapter studies are ideal for individual or small groups study.

What’s the investment? $75.



Jesus was an evangelist.  If you want to be more like Him in this aspect of His life, this DVD series is a ‘must see!’

Jesus said in Matthew 28: 18-20: “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples…”

A disciple is an apprentice or a learner.   If we as His disciples are to grow more like Him, it goes without saying we all need discipling in evangelism.

You’ll get teaching and insight previously only available to Bible Colleges!

These six DVDs (19 sessions) were originally for use in a Bible College to disciple students about evangelism and to equip them to actually do evangelism. Click here to see the title of each session. Now they are available for the first time to the wider Christian community.

Guaranteed not boring!

Sessions range in length from 8 minutes to 45 minutes, and are well researched. They are easy to follow and understand. You’ll find them interesting, engaging – and entertaining! These DVDs are the A-Z of evangelism, and cover almost everything you need to know on this critical subject.

What’s the investment? $99 for the first set, and $75 for each set thereafter.

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DVD Study Guides

Get the most out of every DVD session!

As with Julian Batchelor’s book, there is a study guide for each Evangelism Discipleship DVD session. These study guides are highly interactive and engaging, ensuring those being discipled are fully involved in the learning process.

You’ll be actively involved in the learning process!

As such, and while watching each DVD session, you’ll be required to fill in key words and concepts along the way. Answers are at the end of each study.

You’ll learn to apply what you have studied!

Each study ends with ‘Discussion and Application’, because it’s in the application that progress is really going to be made. The discussion questions are designed to create lively and interesting discussion!

They are ideal for a range of learning situations!

These guides are ideal for small groups/home groups, or students studying at seminaries, Bible Colleges, Christian schools, or similar institutions.

What’s the investment? $28 for one copy but the price come down with the quantity ordered. For the price breaks please click here

evangelistic tracts

Evangelistic booklet which explains how Christianity works.

It’s not easy to explain how Christianity works, and how it all fits together.

In fact, as any seasoned Christian will tell you, the more one knows about Christianity, the harder it is to write a simple booklet explaining it.

But many non-Christians want to know. Telling them “Jesus love you” is not enough.  They reply “My mother and my cat love me. What makes Jesus different?” You get the point. Their question is a valid one.

This booklet explains conceptually what it’s all about and is jargon free.   It’s not intellectually insulting and yet it follows a logical progression and is easy to follow. It has no ‘cringe factor’.

Furthermore, it’s been ‘road tested’ with the un-churched, and proven to be well received. Its message is gracious and loving, yet uncompromising.

Measuring 148mm x 105mm and only 36 pages, this booklet is pocket sized, thin, and easy to carry around. You’ll be ready for ‘that’ moment when your prompted by the Holy Spirit to give one away!

Or just leave them in public places, or letter boxes. Clearly explains why we must be saved, how Jesus can save us, what we must do to be saved, and Jesus’ plan for us in this life.

Many churches are now using it to educate existing believers about the basics.

In addition, it also provides a top web site address where readers can find balanced, Biblical, and well written answers to all the hard questions they might have. What’s the investment? $25 for a pack of 20

To view a PDF file of this tract, click here

To view a Traditional Chinese Version click here

To view a Simplified Chinese Version click here

Starter PackThe ‘starter pack’ contains all the basic resources you need to get going! Plus, you get a free Gospel DVD, valued at $25!

Here’s what the pack contains:

  • 1 book, ‘Evangelism: Strategies from heaven in the War for Souls’- $NZ49.00
  • 1 Evangelism Discipleship 6 x DVD set – $NZ99.00
  • 1 Study guide – $NZ28.00
  • 1 Leader’s Guide – $35
  • 1 Essential Truths booklet – $10
  • 1 Pack of cards- $25
  • 5 Follow up booklets called ‘how to be sure of going to heaven when you die’-$5
  • Free! One Gospel Message DVD (usually $25)

To download a PDF file of  a thumbnail description of each product in this pack click here
Total $NZ 276.00. Yours today $251.

Starter Pack

Called ‘The Laminate’ (because the pages are laminated), this tool will enable you to give the full gospel to friends, family and strangers.  On the pages are the words of the gospel, which you’ll read.  The person with whom you are sharing the gospel listens. You’ll ask questions often, so the presentation is interactive.   There are pictures on most pages.

It’s small enough to fit into your briefcase or handbag. Comes with a dry erase pen so that after each presentation, you can wipe clean your writing, like a whiteboard.

All you have to do is read what’s on the pages, and fill in the odd blank box. Perfect for beginners and experienced evangelisers alike!


Find out more about what’s inside ».

Now you can present this clear, concise, loving gospel message to friends, family, or groups – effortlessly! Or post it on your church web site.  Click on the thumbnails to compare ‘the original’ with ‘The updated’ version!

Jesus said ‘Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel.’ (Mark 16:15).  But it’s not as easy as it sounds, right? Do you find it hard to explain to your non-Christian friends and family what ‘Jesus’, ‘Church’ and ‘Christianity’ are all about?

Do you feel a bit embarrassed or awkward bringing up the subject? Do you pray for someone to ‘do the explaining for you?’

Well, you’re not alone! Most Christians have these thoughts and feelings.  The good news is, your prayers have been answered!

Proclaim It Gospel Presentation


Video - How to Get to Heaven


Purchase the DVD for $27 plus postage.
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This DVD has two versions of the gospel – ‘the original’ and ‘the updated version.’  (Click on the images at left to watch a preview.) It’s so simple! Just insert the DVD into your DVD player or laptop, choose which version you want, and press ‘play’.  Julian took the presentation he had written and designed to England in 2003 and trained children’s worker and Kung Fu fiction writer  Tony Anthony how to use it and how to do evangelism.  In 2010 Tony updated the graphics for Julian and this presentation is available to you now.  Tony and fellow evangelist John Lawson are now using all Julian’s resources in their evangelism seminars.

Let the DVD do the talking for you! Or load them onto your church web site! Believe it or not, most non-Christians say ‘the original version’ communicates the gospel best!  Why not show both versions to your friends, and let them decide!?

Here are 10 reasons why this DVD will absolutely bless you!

  • You don’t have to know what to say – the DVD does it all!
  • Scripted by a gifted, experienced evangelist!
  • Clear, loving, and to the point. Only 11 minutes long!
  • Biblically balanced, with no cringe factor!
  • All the essential elements of the gospel included!
  • Nothing ‘extra’ added in!
  • Designed specifically for the un-churched!
  • Releases you to play and active part in the evangelisation of the world!
  • You’ll be giving your friends and family the greatest gift of all – Jesus.
  • You’ll break out of the rut of being an ‘evangelism spectator!’

Leaders study guidesThis study guide is essential for each small group leader if you want this discipleship series to be a huge success!

So what’s in it? The preface outlines the rationale for the series.  To view this rational, click here.  A suggested timetable is given for each study, with check lists, helpful hints and suggestions, and fantastic ice breaker exercises. To view a PDF file of study one, click here.  Julian Batchelor has made this study just so simple and easy to follow – it’s fool proof!

He also gives his answers to all the questions in the EVANGELISM DISCIPLESHIP STUDY GUIDE.  Furthermore, this resource has been designed to be easily transferable from one leaders to another.

There are seven appendices:

  1. What’s involved in the course, and what the investment?
  2. Why this course won’t work without prayer
  3. Sharing supper duties around the group
  4. Six way this course can be run in your church
  5. What happens at the end of the DVD course?
  6. How to make this small group series fly, and how to be a great small group leader
  7. An invitation to invest in the evangelisation of the world

What’s the investment? $35

Essential Truths As  small group participants watch the DVDs with their study guides, they will need to identify and then remember  the critical truths from each DVD study. This is where this A5 size booklet kicks in! It is a truly effective discipleship tool to help create stronger more effective disciples. What’s the investment? $10 each.  The cost goes down depending on the number ordered.  Please click here for the price breaks.




This is using technology to spread the gospel! On one side of these cards is the web address with the works ‘Yep, the whole Bible summarised in 11 minutes on video’. On the other side is a catchy one-line phrases to create interest.

To find out how to use these cards click here.

Price: $30 for a pack of 100 cards

To view the gospel presentation, please go to


This is using technology to spread the gospel! On one side of these cards is the web address with the works ‘Yep, the whole Bible summarised in 11 minutes on video’. On the other side is a catchy one-line phrases to create interest.

This is perfect way to draw non-Christians to a web address to hear the gospel, have their questions answered, find a church, and whole lot more.

With many different cards to choose from, you can select the right card to suit the person you are talking to. Black cards for guys, pink for women, and teal blue if you are not sure.

We sell the business cards in packs of 100 and each pack has an assortment of 18 different cards shown here. Or, just choose 100 of the one (s) you like best.  We can even custom make them for you. (minimum 250)

Price: pack of 100 cards -

  • teal blue or black: $25 plus courier.
  • pink: $30 plus courier.
To view what’s written on the reverse side of the black cards, click here
To view what’s written on the reverse side of the teal cards, click here
To view what’s written on the reverse side of the pink cards, click here


To view the gospel presentation, please go to



His Gift - Our OpportunityHave you ever wondered how and why some Christians just seem to be used by God and others not? Ever thought about why some people just leave their mark on the earth, and others pass through making little impact for God?

What exactly was it about their walk with God that enabled Him to work through them in a such a mighty way?

A year ago, a strong desire to find answers to these and other questions propelled me into research.  What I found was too good to keep to myself so I put together a set of 84 EVANGELISM READINGS (one for each day of the 12 week DVD course) which examine in detail the lives of great Christians, most historical, but some contemporary.

What they all have in common is that they were used by God in evangelism in a truly mighty way. Some of the lives studied include: William Carey, the father of modern missions; Hudson Taylor; Martin Luther; Martyn Lloyd Jones; John Stott; J.I Packer; A.W.Tozer; Bishop J.C. Ryle; D.L. Moody; C.T Studd; John Piper; George Whitfield and many others.

You won’t be able to read these without feeling inspired, encouraged and motivated to be used youself by the Master!

These readings (255 pages, A4 in size) are truly inspirational!

At $35 plus courier I would be surprised if they were not the best investment you’ve ever made to inspire you to greater things in God. Their secrets could be the key to your breakthrough.

buy now

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